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The Hilden Charitable Fund is an endowed grant-making foundation and a registered charity. It funds smaller UK-based organisations delivering projects within the UK to support social justice and to tackle disadvantage in specific areas of focus. We provide unrestricted, core and project funding.

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For further information on our grant-making please see the following sections:

We strongly urge you to read all the information in the links above before applying as these should cover any queries you may have. We are a small team with limited capacity to respond to general enquiries but if you have a particular question which is not covered in the various links then please do get in touch.

Please note – you can only apply using the online application process. Email applications and general appeals will not be considered.

If you currently have a grant from us you will need to submit a monitoring report form at the end of each grant year funded. We have a standard form for this which can be requested by contacting us at:

  • In most instances you can have funding from us for up to two consecutive years after which there will need to be a gap before you can apply again. If you have had funding for two consecutive years then you cannot reapply until at least 6 months after you have submitted your monitoring report for the final year of funding.

  • If you have a one-year grant from us which is still in progress then you can apply for a second year’s funding any time during the last 6 months of that grant and providing you meet our new criteria. Any grant awarded will be conditional on us receiving a satisfactory monitoring report for the original grant.

  • If your application has been declined then you must wait until at least 6 months from the date you received your decision letter/email from us before applying again.


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