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Hilden will accept applications for the advised closing dates.

Summer Play Schemes: We will accept summer play scheme applications and will assess as if they will run this August 2020, but we are aware that applicants will have to abide by UK regulations as advised by late July.

This being the case applications may be deferred until both us as a grant giver, and you as a provider are clear about the arrangements.

How we hope Hilden can help your project

We write as the COVID-19 is still affecting all of us with the insecurity that it brings. The Hilden Charitable Fund intends to work as best as it can, to award grants to projects in need within our criteria. Hilden is a small trust, so we cannot respond to immediate needs. We have a limited budget. 

Grant Aid

We want to ensure our small grants can help projects with their everyday costs, and support their projects post corona.

New Website

Our new website is underway. Please give feedback!

We hope it will be easier for applicants..and us.. but always feel free to call us if you have questions.


CLOSING DATES:  We have now closed the summer play scheme programme and are assessing applications. We hope to let successful applicants know soon. For all other grant applicants please note we still receive applications at any time but the next closing date for September is: Friday July 17th 2020.

Do you meet our guidelines?

The new website is strict. If your project does not meet our guidelines, you should not apply and the online filters we have designed ensure we do not waste your time, nor ours.

As Always

Any questions please contact the Hilden office on 0207 603 1525, or send an email to

Summer Play Schemes


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