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Our History

The Hilden Charitable Fund was established in 1963 by Joan and Tony Rampton. It is an endowed grant-making foundation registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales (Number 232591). The aim of the Fund is to address disadvantages, notably by supporting causes which are less likely to raise funds from public subscriptions or statutory sources. The Fund awards approximately £500,000 per year in grants to smaller charitable organisations for work in the UK and Overseas (specifically Malawi, Tanzania & Uganda). 

The Fund is governed by a Board of Trustees comprising members of the Rampton family and others. The appointment of new trustees is by deed at the discretion of the trustees for the time being. Current Trustees are:

  • A J M Rampton 

  • B Mbubi

  • D Rampton

  • Mrs E K Rodeck 

  • Ms E Jenkins

  • Ms M E Baxter CBE

  • Ms S Khatun 

  • Prof C H Rodeck 

  • Prof D S Rampton 

  • Prof M B H Rampton 

  • R Rampton 

​The day-to-day running of the Fund is overseen by its Director, Ciaran Rafferty, assisted by Office Manager, Catherine (Kate) Sotto. From time to time we are assisted by our Consultant Assessor – Gilly Green.

Who We Are

Advisors to The Fund

CAF Bank

25 Kings Hill Avenue

ME19 4JQ

Investment Managers
Sarasin & Partners
Juxon House
100 St Paul's Churchyard
London EC4M 8BU


Ruffer LLP

80 Victoria Street



Auditors and Accountants
Martin and Company Chartered Accountants
25 St Thomas Street
Hampshire SO23 9DD

Our Accounts

Our latest accounts can be found here. These contain a list of our grants made in the year, which you might find useful.

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