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OVERSEAS FUNDING (for Malawi, Tanzania or Uganda - NOW CLOSED

Applications will only be accepted using the online application form. In order to access the form when the programme is open you must first complete an eligibility checklist – if you are not eligible you will not be able to open the main form.


Applications, when open, must be submitted before the stated deadline as they will not be considered if incomplete or late. We would recommend that you keep a copy of your completed form. As well as completing the online form you will be asked to submit the following documents:

  1. Your most recent full-year accounts

  2. A copy of your certificate of registration as an NGO or other charitable organisation

  3. Your governing document or articles of association (which must contain your dissolution clause)

  4. Your Safeguarding policy

You will see that some of the questions on the form have a word limit - please try to keep to the limits shown.

You will receive an automated confirmation email when a complete form has been submitted.

Application Opening Dates - Overseas Programme

This programme was open for applications from 10am (UK time) on Tuesday 13th February 2024. Below is a live link to the eligibility test and application form. Please familiarise yourself with the criteria and guidance for this programme elsewhere on this site as this will help you make a better application.

The period for submitting applications ran until 3pm (UK time) on Tuesday19th March 2024 after which no applications could be submitted. 

We aim to give you a decision in May or June 2024 and we will contact you with a decision whether or not your application has been successful.

As part of the assessment process we may wish to speak to you by telephone or Zoom. Please don't worry if we ask to speak with you in this way! These meetings are to help us get a fuller picture of your proposal and to give you a chance to talk about your work as it is not always easy to do it justice on a written application. 

If your application is declined we would hope to be able to provide feedback if you wish - just get in touch.

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