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Welcome to The Hilden Charitable Fund

The Hilden Charitable Fund was established in 1963 by Joan and Tony Rampton. It is a grant making foundation registered with the UK Charity Commission, Charity Registration Number: 232591. The Hilden Charitable Fund awards grants to projects both in the UK and in developing countries. The aim of the Fund is to address disadvantages, notably by supporting causes which are less likely to raise funds from public subscriptions. Both the UK and overseas fund policy is directed largely at supporting work at community level. 


Approach To 

Grant Making

Fund policy is directed largely at supporting work at a community level. Grants are rarely given to well funded national charities. Grants are not given to individuals. 

Our current fund making priorities are: asylum seekers and refugees, community based initiatives for disadvantaged young people, penal affairs and small development projects in the developing world. While Trustees' policy is to address needs by considering and funding specific projects' costs, Trustees are most sympathetic to funding general running, or core costs. In awarding these types of 'unrestricted' grants Trustees believe that great value can be added, as many charities find fund raising for core costs most difficult. Trustees look to the Hilden staff team to advise applicants on funding alternatives if grant applications cannot be considered or funded.

Applying To The Fund

Our funding programmes are currently under review and therefore we are unable to accept applications until that is complete, likely to be spring 2022. Please check our website for information nearer that time.

The Hilden Charitable Fund is an unincorporated trust constituted under a trust deed dated 8th May 1963, charity registration no. 232591. The Fund was established by an initial gift from Anthony and Joan Rampton. 


The appointment of new trustees is by deed at the discretion of the trustees for the time being. Current Trustees are:

  • A J M Rampton 

  • B Mbubi

  • J Branch

  • J R A Rampton QC 

  • Mrs E K Rodeck 

  • Ms C S L Rampton 

  • Ms E J Rodeck 

  • Ms E Jenkins

  • Ms M E Baxter OBE

  • Ms S Khatun 

  • P Rampton

  • Prof C H Rodeck 

  • Prof D S Rampton 

  • Prof M B H Rampton 

  • R Rampton 

Origins and Policy

The Fund was created as a general charitable trust. The trustees have a continuing interest in the third world and in minorities, however defined, in the UK. Grants are not normally made for well established causes nor to individuals.  Overseas grants concentrate on development aid in preference to disaster relief. 

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